What are your Symptoms?

Many people do not realise the detrimental effect of muscular imbalance and chronic injuries, much of which are quite reversible, such as lower back pain, nerve disorders, repetitive stress injuries (RSI), frozen shoulder, sciatica and postural problems which can restrict the range of movement making parts of your body seem very heavy.

Untreated, muscular imbalance and chronic injuries can cause unimaginable problems, restricting your range of movement.

  • "I am an ultra-distance runner, without Gillian looking after me I would not be able to put in so many miles." Isobel Knox
  • Gillian worked on my neck and shoulders to relieve the tension. She has definitely made my working day easier. Lorraine Donaldson – Office Worker

Possible Symptoms

Lower back pain

Nerve disorders

Repetitive stress injuries

Frozen shoulder




Postural problems

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