Guidance & Answers About Massage Therapy

Usually from an initial phone call it is possible to determine if the problem can be treated with massage.In other cases, a consultation may be required.

The consultation is free, you only pay for the treatment time.

The cost is £35 per session.

While you will feel relaxed after the massage, it is very common to feel a little sore the next day. An initial dull headache may occur due to the release of toxins from the muscles into the bloodstream.

There may be a little soreness for 24 - 48 hours afterwards, especially if the pain has been around for a few years and muscles were tight.

This depends on the patient and the severity of the case, although if after two to four sessions there hasn't been a difference, I may refer you to a doctor or recommend a particular specialist.

No it is not necessary, but many of my referrals are from General Practitioner's.

I am available for day and evening appointments.

Yes. There is street parking. And we are a 5 minute walk from the town centre. Where there is plenty of parking.

Yes. There are certain organisations that will accept claims.

No. I have clients who come to me for many reasons; work related muscle pain, stress management, postural imbalances leading to painful muscles, and many other reasons.

After an initial consultation, treatments take up to 45 minutes.

Yes. I will discuss appropriate stretches, postural adjustments you can make, and also lifestyle changes that could be helpful.

  • Gillian worked on my neck and shoulders to relieve the tension and provided me with exercises to follow regularly. Definitely made my working day easier and I am very grateful for that. Lorraine Donaldson – Office Worker
  • Having completed ten marathons and numerous half marathons, the treatments I have received from Gillian has helped me to continue running on a daily basis with minimal injuries. Kenny Adamson - Marathon Runner
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